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Once a FOX, Always a FOX.

We are a Moroccan Esport organization founded by pure gamers and Esport enthusiasts with a business background. We exist to carefully ensure the Moroccan Esport Ecosystem, by promoting it and helping gamers become Esport athletes.

We are aiming to expand our organization by reaching more people and sharing our Esport experience with them, and that is, entertaining, engaging, and most importantly creating new opportunities for talented players, to improve and honorably represent our country in the worldwide scale.

  • 15 may 2020
  • Casablanca, Morocco
  • Lol, valorant...
  • More than 30

About the brand

  • Dominance

    Our brand image is strongly attached to dominance. Starting from its first year of activity. FOX GAMING dominated the local and regional scene with more than 13 win streak...

  • Content

    Despite the lack of production means, FOX GAMING created iconic and creative content and reached millions in the MENA region...

  • Lifestyle

    Winning or losing we will be always in the spot light. Using a creative and smart critical approach, you will always find us where attention is.

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Latest News

  • Best Esports Team 2020

    By MimoudiX February 27 2021

    The award of the best Esports Team 2020 goes to US! Huge thanks to all of you for your support, we tried our best during last year and we made a lot of achievements thanks to you and thanks to our hard work. Without you, nothing of this would be possible! Once again, special thanks to every single one of you who supported us and who is still supporting the organization. This year just started and we're just getting ready for what's coming up next.

  • With its famous Line Up: Cactuzio, Rheat, Antiobiotique, KelevrA, Psyc0, and Gr3enox, Fox Gaming Valorant Roster is representing the Moroccan Kingdom in Strike Arabia Valorant Championship finals, after being elected champions of the first season of this tournament. Winning the Quarter Finals with a clean comeback unfortunately was not enough for us to bring the title.

  • Head Coach - Halier

    By MimoudiX 25 January 2022

    Born on 1 March 1990, Gabriel "Halier" Garcia Negreiros is a Brazilian/Portuguese coach who is currently working for Fox Gaming and Rebirth eSports as a head coach. He is a former professional soccer player as well as a semipro Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete, and has a degree in journalism. “Fox is already one of the top teams in Morocco and we will try once again to classify the team for the Iberian Cup, which brings together the best teams from countries such as Tunisia , Egypt, Saudi Arabia, among others.” says Halier.


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